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As part of its development plan, Terrabella is undertaking a $2 million capital raise on a private placement basis from select accredited investors. Terrabella has raised approximately $12 million to date from a small group of like-minded investors that share a passion for the wine industry and an appreciation for results-oriented management.
Investment highlights:
  1. 1. Seasoned management team with growth focus
  2. 2. High-margin industry backed by investment in land
  3. 3. Strong balance sheet and conservative capital structure
  4. 4. Opportunity for extensive growth through execution of 4-winery plan
Terrabella Wineries Ltd. is registered as an eligible business corporation (EBC), with 30% tax credits available for eligible individuals and corporations. Terrabella shares are also RRSP and TSFA eligible, which can result in additional tax reductions.
Prospective investors and partners seeking more information or who are interested in making an investment in Terrabella Wineries Ltd. should direct inquiries to: Rob Ingram, CEO.


This is not an offer to sell securities. All investments are subject to review of investor qualifications and will only be made on a prospectus-exempt basis. Investors are advised to conduct their own due diligence and seek counsel prior to making any investment.